Locate and remove duplicate files using the Windows duplicate file finder, Doppelganger

You don’t need that many copies of the same file wasting your space! Buy Doppelganger Now
Most people are not aware of how many duplicate files reside on their computer and how much space these duplicate files are taking up. Doppelganger locates the duplicate files on your computer. Once found, Doppelganger can also help you safely remove these duplicates.
Doppelganger is based on the duplicate file finder functionality in our software FolderMatch. As such it has over a decade of Windows file system knowledge and experience behind it. Its core programming code has been tested and refined by the feedback of millions of users. It's rock solid and you can trust your data to it.
It's also FAST! In all of our testing we've never found a duplicate file finder as quick as Doppelganger. We compared it head to head against many other duplicate file finders. You can view the results here.

simple to understand interface - Duplicate File finder and remover
Files Found Summary
Detailed summary of located files.
Main Doppleganger Window
Search Results Summary
Search Results Window

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Please note:
It is a good practice to have backups of your files. Be careful to not remove the "duplicates" contained in your backups.  There are some files you wish to have copies of !
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